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Meet your needs for 99.99% pure liquid and powder GBL, GHB, and GHV,  ONLINE with us. Our services also include safe and timely transportation in a discreet wholesale standard around the world. We offer high quality and perfect composition pure online at an affordable price. GBL Online is a dedicated and experienced staff who are always ready to assist customers with any questions and concerns. We have all the licenses, certificates, and certifications for our products. Our reputation speaks to our unmatched and uncompromising service delivery. Providing you with a seamless shipping experience is our highest goal. Our company specializes in importing and selling the highest quality GBL.


Welcome to Best GBL & GHB supplier in the world

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99.9% Pure GBL

GBL Gamma-Butyrolactone

GBL has a wide range of practical applications due to its low freezing point, high boiling point, and unique combination of solvent and electrical properties. It has applications as a solvent for specialty plastics, in photography, in batteries, and as an electrolyte. In addition, several derivatives are synthesized from GBL.



We will ship your package discreetly to your location anywhere around the globe. For Within USA 4-24 hours, Canada and UK 1-3 days, Other Countries 3-5 days.



We are very discreet with our transactions.We do not share your information with any third party. Order now from us without any questions.



If your package is not delivered or you get a wrong package due to an error on our end, we will offer you free reshipment.

Welcome to Best GBL & GHB supplier in the world.

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The Company rushed to visualize the difficulties which the quickly developing chemical industry on the planet was probably going to look as it was setting up itself as a worldwide force.

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