About us

We have been
supplying GBL,GHB & GHV for over
15 years.

We hit the
ground running
— in 2005

To expect a critical occupation as an imaginative and solid expert community. The Company hurried to picture the challenges which the rapidly creating substance industry in the world was most likely going to look as it was setting up itself as an overall power. To meet this essential, it required a high measure of particular fitness not only to perceive the possibilities yet notwithstanding understand the front advancement and give sensible items. This in any case, is quite troublesome.

The first step to glory

Over the past 15 years We  evolved from a regional marketer of GBL, GHB and GHV in the U.S. to one of the largest distributing enterprise in the world. Our Product is imported from all over the world and Chemically Tested before further supplied to our clients all over the world.

What We Are really?

We are a Corporation which  is committed to being the world’s premier GBL , GHB & GVH chemical manufacturing company. To that end, we must continuously achieve superior financial and operating results while adhering to high ethical standards.

How we achieve strong results is as important as the results themselves. The company’s directors, officers and employees are expected to observe the highest standards of integrity in conducting business.

What makes us
stand out?

Quality Of Our Product

Our products are 99.9% potent in quality we carry out more research on how to make them even more better as the days goes by.

Easy payments

We accept Bitcoin, Zelle Pay , Paypal wired transfers for quick and easy payment 

Save money

Affordable pricing for you everyone to have a taste of quality 

Welcome to our

There’s not a lot to visit,
no pushy salesmen to endure

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